Put the Strategy into your Advocacy

We deliver the structure in advocacy, so that you deliver lasting advocacy success.

  • We review and benchmark all, or parts, of your existing advocacy practice.

  • We deliver tools, templates, solutions and best-practise.

  • We help you implement and embed change.

  • We coach and train you to help build skills and capacity.

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Our Approach

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Our suite of online analysis and reporting tools analyse your practice to deliver tailored recommendations and guidance.

Get peace of mind and satisfaction from knowing that you have delivered a complete set of activities and the best possible strategy for your organisation.

Our tools and guidance deliver long-term improvement to your advocacy practice for you, your team and your organisation.

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Lasting Advocacy Success

Use all advocacy tools and strategies across all steps of the 7-Step Method.

Avoid strategic omissions by designing a meticulously researched, analyzed and planned campaign across all steps of the 7-Step Method.

Maintain a strategic overview and embrace adaptation to internal and external forces and feedback. Revise your research, analysis and choices across all steps of the 7-Step Method.

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