The 7-Step Method: The New Standard in Advocacy Practise.

Our 7-Step Advocacy Method will empower you to:

  • increase your chances of success.

  • develop the right advocacy strategy.

  • build and embed a lasting advocacy process.

  • communicate your advocacy strategy internally and increase buy-in.

  • track progress and demonstrate return on investment.

  • adapt to change, ensuring you always have a competitive advantage.

  • manage your resources to deliver better advocacy for less: Less resource. Less time. Less trouble.

Advocacy Assessment Tool


AdvocacyStrategy supports your learning and development. Get ahead in your campaign work. Achieve lasting personal excellence in advocacy!

edge for your
advocacy work

AdvocacyStrategy is the framework to track progress, manage resources and adapt to change. Make your team an effective advocacy unit!


edge for your
advocacy work

AdvocacyStrategy strengthens your organization’s advocacy processes, knowledge and capability to deliver the best advocacy no matter the time, country or issue!


edge for your
advocacy work

Free 7-Step Snapshot Report

Assess your campaign, get tailored advice and embed lasting advocacy success.

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Advocacy Assessment Tool

7-Step Advocacy Method

The 7-Steps of Advocacy method sets the new standard in advocacy practice. Our 7-Step method, tools and learning materials deliver lasting advocacy success.

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Advocacy Assessment


Asses your advocacy.

Our bespoke advocacy consultancy helps you adapt practice, develop the right strategy and embed lasting success.

Our suite of online analysis reports analyse your practice to deliver tailored recommendations and guidance.

We believe that empowering you for lasting success in every campaign is more important than success in your current campaign.

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Educate and empower you and your organizations using our AdvocacyAcademy learning and development platform.

Deliver professional development for you, your team and lasting advocacy success for your organisation.

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Advocacy Academy

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