Advocacy Best Practice

Review, refine and upgrade your advocacy to get better outcomes.
Use our coaching and training services to build skills and capacity.

  • Structure and simplify your advocacy for peace of mind.

  • Become more agile using our sustainable advocacy process.

  • Achieve more impact with less: Less resource. Less time. Less trouble.

  • Save time and money with our consulting and benchmarking services.

  • Energise your team through more efficient and effective teamwork.

  • Gain recognition for your advocacy knowledge-skills-tools.

Advocacy Assessment

What we do

Make your advocacy more efficient and effective.

Our bespoke advocacy consultancy helps you adapt practice, develop the right strategy and embed lasting success.

Our benchmarking analyses your advocacy to deliver tailored solutions.

Our consulting helps you implement effective change.

We believe in empowering you for lasting success.

How we work

The Advocacy Strategy team bring deep expertise.

We take a holistic approach to embed best practice into your organisation’s advocacy.

Our services are anchored to a client focused work flow.

We tailor our support to your needs.

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7-Step Advocacy Method

The 7-Steps of Advocacy method sets the new standard in advocacy practice. Our 7-Step method, tools and learning materials deliver lasting advocacy success.

Let’s Work Together

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